All Black

Launched 25 years ago, the All Black brand is specialized in extreme toys, made of PVC. It was among the first to create an extreme line, geared specifically to the gay audience. Its ceaseless success is doubtlessly thanks to the fact that a large part of the toys were previously sculpted or molded after existing models of arms, hands, fists and dicks, by which its handling and experience became much more exciting. Hours and hours of renewed pleasure and amazing excitation have made All Black a true cult brand. 

Today, All Black is available in three colors (black, red, blue) and the models are created from 3D projections. The products are not machine-made but molded by hand in Belgium with high quality PVC. Moreover, All Black complies with all current European standards as well as the 200/85 CE standard for phthalates. 

As such, carefree pleasure is guaranteed.