ABM06 Pookie



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Some masturbators look suggestive. Others look downright salacious. But the Pookie isn’t just an incredible toy that’ll make your dick feel like it’s in seventh heaven, no. The Pookie is an artistic masturbator, designed for the guy who wants elegance in all things. Even the dirty things. The stylised curves are easy to hold, soft to the touch, and even double up as home decoration. If you’re a guy who likes to keep his sex toys on display (no judgement, I do it too), then the Pookie is the one for you. At 17 cm long, with a tight and soft interior lined with ridges, the Pookie is fun from top to bottom. Have some fun and look good doing it!

Like all our toys, our masturbators are made in Belgium from a safe, phthalate-free material.


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