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All Black is a speciality gay fetish lifestyle brand that prides itself on its high-quality, Belgian-made products. When we began this company, we’d never have thought that models would get this big, and that there’d be customers hungry for more.

To celebrate our 25-year anniversary, we’re excited to introduce our newest brand: STEROID.  And just like real steroids, this new brand has only one purpose: to push you and your fetishes to the next level.  

Whether you’re looking for locker room fun and that big jock cock fantasy, or you’re looking to push yourself to new limits, STEROID is the brand for you. Our dildos are bigger, more vascular, and are guaranteed to get you that bigger hole you’ve always dreamed about.  

We began by moulding our toys on real fists and cocks, and now use advanced 3D printing to create new and innovative toys. To do this, we work with our customers, listening to their feedback and taking on new ideas. Our products are loved all over the world, phthalate and cadmium free. so what are you waiting for? 

Get yours today, while supplies last! All models available NOW!

New material : Flexxx !

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