Are our PVC Sextoys compatible with lube?

Posted by Olivier Belgo on

Absolutely! Our toys are designed to be able to work with a variety of lubes, so as to give you the maximum possible pleasure. There are some things about lube that you might not know.

There are several kinds of lubes that toys use, with the most common being water or silicone based, and occasionally oil based. Not all toys can use all kinds of lube; silicone toys are not compatible with silicone lube as it tends to solidify on the product, destroying it in the process. Oil based lubes can degrade latex, making them incompatible with certain toys and condoms.

However, our toys are as flexible as you are, meaning that you can use any kind of lube with any of our products. So whether its water based, silicone, oil, cream, or even powdered lube, our toys can work with any substance that feels comfortable to you. And for those fisters among you, yes. Our dildos are Crisco-compatible.

Not only are our dildos perfectly workable with any lube, they’re also easy to clean- so you don’t need to worry about stains, absorption, or disintegration. So, grab some toys, grab whatever makes you slick, and get ready to have a great time.

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