Stay local, stay safe.

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Belgo Toys has seen a massive growth over the course of the pandemic, with sales data showing that we’ve steadily grown 22% each year since 2020. This, combined with our data from our ERP and CRM platforms, shows us several things about the changing adult market.

Firstly, our customers value product quality. Unlike many cheap toy creators, whose business model relies flooding the market with cheap toys made at a far lesser quality, we prefer to have a smaller stock that is made from higher-quality materials. Our business model focuses on buying raw materials in bulk, and focusing on a smaller stock that can be made with more integrity and oversight. We also make our toys in two separate shifts, meaning that our toys are always authenticated and kept to a high quality.

Secondly, our customers prefer to have a minimal environmental impact with their toys. As the world faces climate change, many consumers look at how their own actions have an effect, in all facets of life. The adult market is no different. People want to experience pleasure without the guilt of a higher carbon footprint due to delivery and without concern for production impact on the environment. Because we both make and deliver our toys locally, our environmental impact remains low, which means our customers know they have a safe venue to choose from.

Finally, our customers value security. Unlike some competitors, we keep our customer and client data extremely secure, and do not sell to any third parties. This prevents any chance that our ideas might be copied and recreated cheaply on knock-off websites that do not hold themselves to a high standard.

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